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I provide theatrical lighting design services from concept to realization. My experience includes all forms of live performance and special events.


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The COVID pandemic

It has been a difficult time to keep the business going, but I am fully vaccinated, boosted and happy to return to work. Through the pandemic it has been exciting to use my past experience working in television/film lighting to help people film productions for streaming. Unable to do the work I love during the pandemic has made me more passionate and grateful for the upcoming opportunites I have.

About me

Josh has been a New York City based freelance lighting designer since 1994. Many years of experience lighting productions and traveling the world later, Josh continues to embrace the collaborative nature of the art form.


Josh has a wide variety of experience and is adept at problem solving, overcoming time constraints, and translating concepts into light that continue to benefit the varying scale and type of productions he designs.


His work has now been seen in over 18 countries around the globe. With extensive experience working in foreign countries, Josh has developed a strong talent for working with people from other cultures and adapting to local customs. Josh takes pride in representing his clients and artists abroad with his professionalism and friendliness.


Welcome and thank you for visiting my website.

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